Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Need some input..

A client is looking at some Land to Develop for Apartment Complex development, and I would love to have some input from my readers, especially if you're currently leasing or will consider leasing in the next year or so. What is the preference between 1 and 2 bedroom apartments? I've come across too many customers lately that tell me they're looking for a 1 bedroom apartment but just can't find one, so I'm starting to wonder why we don't have more to offer if the demand is there. I know that a lot of clients will lease a two bedroom just because they can't find a one bedroom apartment, but is the demand really that high? I've even had calls from clients looking for a small apartment for their parents who wish to downsize, and just can't find a nice, one bedroom apartment where they would want their parents to live. It'll be interesting to know what the consensus is. Look forward to hearing from you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Would you consider a listing that had just a couple of pictures?

Going through our Multiple Listing Service today, I noticed yet another new listing worth close to 1/2 million dollars with just two pictures. As a Realtor, I've always tried to promote my clients properties to the best of my ability, and that includes as many pictures as can fit in a listing, so that when our system is promulgated to other websites my client's property will have the best chance to stand out in a sea of properties. So why do sellers not follow up on their listings and see them through a buyer's eyes? I think that mostly, Sellers don't take the time to review a listing after it's been uploaded to the Internet, they just assume that all is well. I've asked buyers if it makes a difference whether or not a listing has pictures or even a virtual tour, and their response has been that; when a property has a couple of pictures, or no pictures of the interior, they dismiss them, they assume the property doesn't show well and they'll pass it up and go to the properties that have outdoor as well as indoor pictures, or better yet, virtual tours. They just don't give that listing a second chance, and unfortunately in this business, if you don't get them to look at your property on the first try, you many not get a second chance.

Why Wait?

Are you still waiting for the perfect time to buy a home? Well the time is now, with the exhistent buyer's market a lot of good deals are waiting for you, not to mention the fact that most sellers are willing to contribute towards buyers closing costs or negotiate their sales prices in order to make a sale.
Another great reason to buy now is the First time Home Buyer Tax Credit, which has been extended to include current Home Owners, but you have to hurry because the Tax Credit Expires April 30, 2010.

Call me to set up an appointment, I'd be glad to sit down with you and go over the details.