Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's been a long time

Haven't blogged in some time now, too long really.  I've been busy with life, work and family.
I must say that this year, the market has taken a turn for the better.  Homes are moving as always, but a very welcomed change has been the come back of our commercial clients ready to invest in our Market.  Leases are moving and major retailers are still flocking to our City trying to get their own piece of the pie. Home leases are still going strong, high demand and small supply keep prices up.  Homes are moving a little faster, they're not staying in the market as long as they used to, and are selling closer to their asking price.  Of course, location and condition of the home as well as price have a lot to do with this.  Overall, in my opinion, this has been a better year for Real Estate.  There's a lot of information when it comes to Real Estate, to be put into a few words, so if you ever have a question or comment that I can help with, let me know it's great to hear from you!

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