Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What Order?

According to our previous contractor (the one that's awol), the outdoor light fixtures were ordered months ago and had been in his warehouse for months, just waiting to be installed. He was paid 50% of the cost when he placed the order and the remaining 50% when they arrived according to him.

My client came into town yesterday and directed himself to the Company where the items were ordered, and found out that the contractor placed an order for only half of the light fixtures, and paid only $600.00 deposit with a credit card!!! Since he never went back to pick them up, they sent them back! To top it off, the contractor called the company trying to get a credit on his card since they sent the light fixtures back. I must say he has a lot of nerve. My client paid this man $5,000.00 to order 8 light fixtures and that's not including installation, which was also paid for in advance. My customer had to reorder the items and of course pay for them, again.

If you're in south Texas, on the IH 35 corridor and are working with a contractor, I hope for your sake you're not working with the same person. I know he's currently working on some project in Eagle Pass, Texas, and I'm sure the money that he stole from my client probably went to cover for the money he's stealing from his current project. Of course my client will proceed in legal form against him, but what a shame it has to come down to that.

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