Saturday, August 22, 2009

A piece of the American Dream, A Place They can call Home!

I'm so pleased for my customers, they are now proud owners of their first home. A beautiful 5 bedroom home that is sure to be the center of many family gatherings. There was a time we thought this day would not come, but with every one's help, and determination we did it! They are great people and I'm proud to have helped them in realizing their goal of owning a home they can be proud of.
This is the first time in my Real Estate Career that I've ever had FHA come back and tell us they would not guarantee a loan. Because of findings during the appraisal process the lender decided it was risky for them to approve the property and felt that the seller was trying to dump the property on the buyers. We had done our homework and knew that all the lender needed was clarification from the right sources to feel comfortable with the loan. After much work and time, it was approved and closed. I'm happy to report that Team work done between both selling and listing agents, engineer, appraiser, and mortgage broker, all made a huge impact on how this deal was turned around. Of course the buyers were the ones that never lost faith, and because of that I worked harder to make sure they got what they wanted......A piece of the American Dream, A Place They can call Home!

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